Unlocking the efficiency in nature’s design
Naturally restoring the world’s nutritional supply for future generations

Inspired by insects, Maltento creates clean, traceable, consistent, functional-plus nutrition solutions for the future. Our approach is regenerative: we minimise our impact on scarce natural resources and maximise the use of natural, traceable co-products from agroprocessing industries to restore the balance of our precious planet.

Our solutions

Functional-plus nutrition

100% clean, traceable, consistent and regenerative.

“We develop clean, consistent, functional compounds and ingredients that outperform current protein inclusions. By unlocking the functional benefits of insects through biotechnology, we can create functional-plus feed solutions, beyond just protein options that are better for our animals, soils and precious planet. The potential is to maximise natural functional compounds, that have never been exposed to anti-biotics and growth hormones, to assist with key issues such as allergies, inflammation and gut health. Moreover, we work in a regenerative way with minimal impact on our earth’s natural resources."

Our planet

Kilogram for kilogram, insect-based protein uses 95x less natural resources

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Nutrition in partnership with nature

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