Our story
Thriving as nature intended

Nature is efficient: it knows no waste, no excess, no shortfall. At Maltento, we aim to mimick nature’s ingenious design; developing functional compounds that improve quality-of-life for animals and plants. By working alongside bold-thinking teams with a common purpose, we are actively striving to restore the global food supply imbalance. We are deeply curious in our quest to unlock the functional benefits of insect-based biotechnology.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a more effective, functional, sustainable and therefore more desirable feed inclusion at the lowest environmental cost.

Committed to making change
We are driven by the greater good and believe that people and the planet come before profit. We are accountable for our actions and are governed by consequences. We choose the right way over the easy way.
We deliver on our promises and never compromise on quality. We work to high ethical standards and believe that transparency is key to our performance: ensuring accuracy, safety and traceability across our entire supply chain.
We continuously strive to find a better way. Through collaboration, adaptation and constant evaluation, we problem solve, innovate and become more efficient.
We balance a positive and considered approach with a fearless attitude to inspiring and making change. We believe that operating out of comfort zones achieves sustainable growth and category development. We work with similarly brave partners to develop innovative solutions that support a global shift in nutrition.

Our partners

We cherry-pick leading industry experts to work alongside us across our business. On the input side, we partner with some of SA’s top food producers to solve some of their co-product problems. External specialists help provide the right nutrition for our insects, ensuring a completely consistent product. On the feed side, we collaborate with Urban Farmer and Nutrition Hub who support us in optimising our internal feed conversion rates, and facilitating product/portfolio expansion for our clients. We partner with many of the “Woolworths Farming for the Future” initiatives in an attempt to increase yield quality at the lowest environmental cost.

We are always on the lookout for new industry partners and proudly work with best-in-class companies and individuals with vast experience, so that we can continue to learn from adjacent industries.