Our planet
Kilogram for kilogram, insect-based protein uses 95x less natural resources

Regenerative Development

Our ultimate goal is to grow the global uptake of alternative nutritional sources by a significant, measurable percentage. Education is vital to achieving this goal. We are committed to the development and training of people wanting to work in the insect industry. We fund academic students and clinical trials that add to the growing body of knowledge about the functional benefits of insects as a feed supplement. In addition, we are currently running numerous agricultural trials that expand the scientific proof supporting the visible benefits of our Bio Frass soil supplement (which plays a pivotal role in the reintroduction of carbon-starved soils). From animal to bird to fish to plant to soil, we focus on a regenerative approach.

Insects as enablers

Our Black Soldier Flies (BSFs) are the unsung superheroes. They are able to consume vast quantities of food-and-beverage industry co-products and convert these products into functional compounds. BSFs are a non-pest species with zero risk to humans. We work closely with expert nutrition and technical partners to create the optimal, close-to-nature conditions for our insects to thrive. At every step of the process, we look for natural ways to improve their lifecycle and, thus, produce the optimum balance of proteins, oils and essential nutrients.